peking duck

Peking Duck is a real classic of Chinese cooking. This large delicacy is unique primarily excellent as the quality of the duck itself, and the original and complex way of its preparation.

The recipe of the Beijing Duck became widely known since the reign of the Yuan dynasty, when in 1330 the Medic and a nutritionist who was responsible for the nutrition of the emperor, Hu Syuway published him in his fundamental work "The most important nutrition principles". It is believed that this recipe comes from Shandong Province. He was popular for the Yuan yard in Beijing, why and spread throughout the current name. The first restaurant, which began to serve this dish, opened in Beijing in 1416, and gradually the dish became popular among the representatives of the Elite of Chinese Society. His officials were eagerly ate, poets devoted to him poems. Finally, in 1864, the QUANJUDE restaurant was invented a method for cooking Peking duck, which is now considered classic: carcasses are baked in a suspended state in an open furnace. Since then, Peking's duck began its triumphal procession around the world. In the XX century, she even became an important element of international relations. According to the legend, it was the Beijing Duck to promote the US and China's rapprochement in the 70s, because the dish madly liked the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and facilitated the negotiation process with the PRC. A funny linguistic fact is also associated with Duck in Peking. The name of the capital of China in English sounds like Beijing, and the Beijing Duck helped to preserve the old version of the city name: Peking Duck.

Properly cooked duck in Beijing should have gentle meat and a rather thick layer of fat, and the crust should be simultaneously thin, crunchy and not a rigid. Duck is considered ready when it acquires caramel color.

There is a duck in Beijing in several ways. Someone eats meat separately, dipping it into the sauce and sugar. Others prefer the "fast food" option when the slices of duck fit into the rice pancake or a cake with vegetables. In expensive restaurants designed for tourists, special guides are working, which tell and show how, with what and in what sequence you need to eat duck meat. In some places, the duck is literally disassembled into parts, and each of these parts are used to change dishes. In this case, everything is duck, duck, dumps and even duck cheeks. Sometimes a duck is served with traditional sweet-spicy Hoisin sauce, which is made from fermented soybeans. In other Chinese dishes, he, by the way, is used specifically for glazing meat before baking. In addition, often with meat or after it is served duck broth or soup with algae on duck broth, as well as mandarins, fruits in caramels and other desserts.

So, meet ... fragrant, with crispy sweet crust and juicy meat ... Duck in a Grand restaurant Qin!

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