Since ancient times, Chinese cuisine has been considered one of the most delicious in the world. For 3 thousand years, the culinary art of China has not only acquired, but also retained all the most valuable knowledge and skills that make it possible to call their cuisine the most useful and incredibly tasty!

That is why we opened a restaurant in the very center of St. Petersburg, which is based on dishes from several cuisines of China - Cantonese, Sichuan and northeastern. Yes, that's right, because in China there are many areas of culinary excellence, and we have chosen the best ones.

In the very heart of St. Petersburg, you will find a huge island of Chinese culinary art, where every detail of the interior is thought out, and the menu is replete with both traditional Chinese dishes and completely new items that will pleasantly surprise and delight our dear guests with their taste!

Who is our chef, you ask? We are proud to introduce you to our best chef, WU Zumin! Chinese WU Zumin is a born culinary professional who has honed his culinary skills for over 30 years in his home country of China.

Our chefs use all possible methods of cooking, because the main goal of Chinese cuisine is to bring true pleasure to the guest. In China, absolutely everything is thought out - from the selection of ingredients for the dish to the ideal table setting. Each dish is a work of art that has an unsurpassed palette of taste and is unlike any other.

We pay special attention to the cutting of products, as well as their processing. After all, everyone knows that the Chinese can make any product tasty. The secret lies in the skillful ability to combine the incompatible with each other and in the correct selection of herbs and spices.

One of the main differences between Chinese dishes is a large number of components that are included in the composition, and at the same time, each of them is prepared separately under a certain thermal regime. The chefs use meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, complementing all this with homemade sauces.

The main feature of Chinese cuisine is that you never know what is on your plate, but it is always incredibly delicious and awakens the entire spectrum of taste buds!

Crispy pork ears with cucumber, fried scallops and shrimps with balsamic sauce, boiled chicken "Koushuy", smoked sturgeon from the chef, spicy soup "Tom Yam" and, of course, Peking duck - this is only 1% of our varied menu.

Lovers of fish, meat, standard dishes and delicacies like bear meat - everyone here will find a dish to their liking. And for those who love sweets, we are ready to surprise with unrealistically delicious pumpkin Chinese pancakes, caramelized pears and fried bananas in tempera with condensed milk!

We will pleasantly surprise you with our bar list. After all, it includes a selection of wines from European classics to the best Russian wines, as well as several positions of Chinese drinks, for example, plum wine and Chinese vodka.

Mmm, who's already salivating at such a variety of menu items? We invite everyone to board our exotic ship, which rushes through the waves of gastronomic disgrace, meeting exotic islands on its way, and the people in it are like pioneers in the world of the most amazing cuisine on our planet!

Treat yourself to unforgettable impressions and emotions, plunge into the world of Chinese hospitality, amazing and unique dishes, taste the atmosphere of China!

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