Where to celebrate the holiday? Probably, every person asked himself this question at least once. In most cases, the selection criteria for holding one or another event are the same in all: delicious cuisine, beautiful interior, polite staff and the opportunity to relax not only with your soul, but also with your body.

The Qin restaurant is ideal for celebrating any occasion, from a birthday party to a concert of the most popular stars! Any guest will feel comfortable in our restaurant.

There is enough space for everyone, because the area of the Big Restaurant Qin is more than 1000 sq.m. This is not just a restaurant, this is a huge territory where every guest can feel like they are in China. The restaurant consists of several rooms, each with a different design and atmosphere! 

Do you want to invite your favorite artist to the holiday? The main hall is at your service, because it is ideal for a concert!

Our halls will allow you to plunge into the reign of the ruler Qin Shi Huang, when each guest was entitled to a separate table - it looks very unusual and interesting from the outside! The hall is often used for negotiations, lectures and various conferences.

The banquet hall for 30 people is already suitable for holding large conferences, lectures and weddings. And in the VIP rooms you can have a romantic dinner and celebrate a wedding anniversary in a narrow family circle.

We are always happy to take you on a tour of our restaurant and tell you about all the possibilities of each of the halls! The trained staff will allow you not to worry about trifles and just relax. It will be a great honor for us to become a part of your event or celebration and share unforgettable emotions with you!

Chinese restaurant "Qin" is one of the best places for holding absolutely any event, because it is here that we combine what cannot be combined, and all your desires and fantasies become reality!

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