China is not just hospitality and beautiful locations. China is a country famous for its unsurpassed, unusual, but at the same time very tasty cuisine.


The first restaurants in China appeared in the 6-9 century, even then the Chinese could eat not only at home, but also in a public place. Few people know that initially a restaurant in China specialized in one dish, such as soups, meat or fish. Now, in a Chinese restaurant, you will find a huge number of positions, each of which is prepared according to a special recipe.

Chinese cuisine is diverse and its characteristics depend on the region in which it originated. There are 4 provinces: Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu. Peking cuisine is distinguished separately, since it combines a variety of tastes and it is difficult to attribute it to any of the above.

At the same time, all the chefs in China, regardless of which region they work in, pursue the same goal - not only to feed tasty food, but also to make food as useful as possible.

From the earliest times, the Chinese were famous for their high gastronomic level, so the appearance of restaurants on the territory of China so early seems quite normal.

The Chinese do not understand what it means to "drink tea", for them each meal is comparable to a ritual. That is why China pays great attention not only to food preparation, but also to table setting. Table setting is a very important moment in the process of preparing for a meal, usually all colors are very calm, without unnecessary patterns, and the ingredients for the dishes are cut in the form of grains, straws, petals and animal figures.

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